Specializing in Managed Print Services

EPM assists enterprises in streamlining processes to increase efficiency,
productivity and profitability.
Better processes make better businesses. When you work with EPM, you’re in the hands of world-class experts who have dedicated their careers to helping organizations design and implement new and improved workflows. We’re a process management solutions provider with an emphasis on Managed Print Services (MPS), and with our expertise, your business can become more efficient, productive and profitable.

Let’s talk about what makes EPM different.

– Vendor neutrality – We are a pure management company. Our job is to manage your print environment, not sell you more equipment.

– Our Unique Approach – Our Print as a Service model means you only pay for the pages you print, with savings guaranteed.

– World-class technology – Detailed, real-time reporting and precise measurement tools can help you uncover new insights and strategies for your MPS environment.

– Onsite Help – We believe dedicated full-time resources onsite are the best way to understand and solve the challenges our clients face.

Our team will help you develop complete bespoke solutions and right-size your print environment. You’ll eliminate waste, optimize your print infrastructure, and gain savings.

The cornerstone for our MPS program is creating a measurable cost center with a management strategy geared towards optimization. Under our Print as a Service model, you’ll shift complete financial responsibility for your infrastructure to the experts (that’s us!). Your only cost from that point forward is for the pages you print. We’ll help you understand your Total Cost of Ownership, so you can enjoy consistent budget visibility and accountability. Your risk alleviates the moment you partner with EPM.