Our Process

Our focused program will help you reduce costs, year after year, make an eco-friendly impact, and eliminate the headaches of an unmanaged MPS environment. EPM’s pure management approach and our understanding of your challenges will allow us to continually steer you towards total print optimization.


First, we analyze your print ecosystem. Our study focuses on Current Use, Financial Cost and Operational Efficacy. We dive deep, all the way down to the user level. Our goal is to gain a full understanding of how each device is being used, and from there, answer the real question – “How can this device best support its users?”


Perfecting your print environment requires on-the-ground, expert resources. Once we take over your environment, any and every MPS-related issue is in our hands – from the big things like vendor management and end-user training, all the way down to the little details, such as a device break fix.


MPS environments prosper when you focus on asset management, volume control and process streamlining. Our pure management model ensures that your objectives – managing print volume, right-sizing and load-balancing devices and securing your information – are absolutely identical to ours.

Why Print Management?

Despite today’s technology, printing still remains a necessary component in our professional lives. From finance to legal to human resources, paper printing is still extremely essential when tracking business transactions, managing employees, and even dealing with customers.

The problem lies in that most companies still lack control over their print environments, which means they’re leaking money. However, with proper print management, businesses can better measure their losses and establish plans of action to give them more control over these print environments and expenses. An effective print management approach turns wide spread print expenses and activities in to a measurable cost center with a manageable strategy.


EPM assumes complete financial responsibility of your print infrastructure, transforming costs from fixed-to-variable. With this utilization-based model, your budget will reflect Total Cost of Ownership, creating transparency and true accountability.
  • Guaranteed Savings
  • Better Technology
  • Work Smarter
  • Budget Visibility
  • One-stop Solution
  • Onsite Presence
  • Volume Analysis
  • Green Aware
  • IT Support
  • Print Centers

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