Here’s The Value Proposition.

EPM’s remarkable technology management solutions help you improve performance and profitability while minimizing waste and hassle. In other words, when it comes to value, EPM ticks all the boxes.


Pay-per-click: You’ll no longer need to pay an ongoing fixed cost for printers. EPM helps you break out of that box and enjoy the freedom of variable costs. How exactly does that free you up? You’re no longer saddled with bloated fees. And you only pay for what you actually use.

Pay-per-device: The same holds true for other technologies. You pay a single price per active device, and then you’re done. No service or replacement fees. No cost for tech support. No hassles. No, really.

Expense visibility: Because EPM does a detailed baseline analysis at the start of service, it’s easy to keep assessing costs and adjusting as needed. You know where every dollar goes, and that makes it easy to predict costs. Which means no surprises.


Workflow focus:  EPM assesses workflow before we ever recommend placement of a device. It can be costly to place a machine where its usefulness isn’t maximized. Careful assessment and expert analysis help EPM avoid that. And if a replacement is needed, we take care of it.

One-stop solution: By consolidating technology management under one entity, you streamline business operations. That provides a more pleasant, convenient, and satisfying experience for the end-user.


Beyond 5:00 p.m:  Our team doesn’t clock out at 5:00 p.m. On the contrary, we provide 24/7 support to critical clinical areas so that your front of house deliverables are met. You can focus on providing exceptional healthcare without worrying about annoying tech issues.

Attention to end-users:  Technology decisions shouldn’t be made in a vacuum. While it’s important to consider costs and efficiencies, it’s essential that end-users are happy. Researchers believe there’s a direct correlation between staff satisfaction and an organization’s productivity. EPM can mean an uptick in performance.