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Current state benchmark and road map for the future

Knowledge is power – that’s why the first step in EPM’s MPS program is a comprehensive, transparent assessment review. We’ll dedicate ourselves to understanding every aspect of your print environment, exposing hidden costs and seeking opportunities for more unified workflow. We aim to establish a benchmark, from which we can continuously refine our action plan and steer you towards a future where the hassle of print management is completely out of your hands.

Once we complete our assessment, we will design a custom print strategy, including recommendations for cost-cutting measures and process improvements.

Our Assessment focuses on 3 key areas:

Current Use Analysis:  We will interview key stakeholders and analyze key indicators against benchmark data. We want to understand your print environment from top-to-bottom, so we can define the steps to help you reach optimal print management.

Financial Analysis:  This entails an in-depth review of your commodity pricing, as well as third-party contract structures and funding methods. Comprehensive and confidential, we focus on visibility, accountability, and helping you understand total cost of ownership and utilization.

Operational Analysis:  Last, we target physical infrastructure, inclusive of both technology and tactical processes. We provide a comparative study with an overview of operational impact, highlighting areas for improvement and giving you information that will help you restructure and refocus to meet core business goals.

Our assessment review is one of the keystones of our MPS program. By investing our time into this initial discovery phase, we can craft a targeted strategy, implement it seamlessly, and move closer towards a completely stress-free print environment.

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