EPM Is Different. And That’s An Understatement.

We’re not your typical technology management company.
In fact, we’re remarkably different.

What EPM offers is true technology management solutions. No pushing of product lines. No selling of equipment. No get-it-and-forget-it sales pitches. Rather, we assess your needs and craft one-of-a-kind solutions to meet them.

We start by taking a deep dive. That’s how we gain an understanding of every aspect of your print and technology infrastructure. Including actual utilization and expenditures. True workflow and performance pathways. Unreported waste and overages. Even returns.

Yes, returns. You see, even though tech is a necessary expense of doing business, there are ways to cut costs, and actually increase your return.

The big sell? There isn’t one. Instead, we map out highly-efficient solutions and then manage them all for you. From computer hardware to print and scan equipment to mobility technologies. We handle it all. 24/7.